4 Reasons That Customer Use Of My Products :

A buyer may have several specific criteria for purchasing, but we have researched the needs of customers and their expectations in purchasing home appliance products, according to a study by PersiaFrance.com. We have defined ourselves :

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Use the best parts in making accessories

The best way to prevent a device from crashing, no matter how obscene, is to adhere to the principle of quality in the use of components and raw materials for the manufacture of a product.

18 Month Guarantee

In case of purchase of Persia France products, from the date of purchase up to 18 months the warranty of this company is in accordance with the contents of the warranty card of the respective device.

36 Month Service

Once you have purchased your Persia France products from the date of purchase, you can obtain at least 36 months from any dealer you need to have your device repaired.

Customers Club

One of the highlights of this collection of home appliances is that you have been added to one of Persia France's customers. In this regard, we have designed a client club.

Persia France is a collection of most modern and special home appliances that are produced in accordance with global standards and under the supervision of Persia Group in France, Turkey and some other countries and are released in Iran market with one year warranty. Of the reasons of excellence of Persia France are hiring elite designers and experts of home appliances production in Europe, and utilizing the best quality raw materials for manufacturing the products. Persia France in Iran is organizing the distribution and sales network and after-sale services and meanwhile according to needs of compatriots acts to import products that lead to improve the speed and quality of producing food and increasing welfare level of dear families. Dear compatriot's satisfaction of products and meet the demands of dear Iranian families is important to us more than anything else and we welcome the suggestions and critics of you dears honestly and with pleasure.

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